At Crowe, we fuel innovation with an ongoing investment in new product development. We combine industry specialization with data science, software developers, research, and marketing expertise to develop innovative technology to help clients streamline and effectively address complex processes.

New product development



The portion of revenue the firm invests each year to explore, evaluate, and bring to market ideas championed by our people.

Road map to innovation

Crowe professionals follow an established path from idea generation to exploration, evaluation, development, launch, and post-launch activity.

1. Idea generation
Identify unmet client needs, obstacles, or pain points.
1. Idea generation
Identify unmet client needs, obstacles, or pain points. 2. Exploration
Determine market demand and viability for the solution idea. 3. Evaluation
Validate solution feasibility and value proposition via client feedback on the prototype, conceptual design, and functionality. 4. Development
Build and test a minimum viable product while gathering insights from beta clients. 5. Launch
Take the solution to market and seek ongoing client feedback. 6. Post-launch
Scale and enhance the solution to meet changing client needs and to open new markets.

Innovation in action

Crowe Blue Sky facilitates consistent advancement of our technology, people, and processes and helps us deliver an exceptional client experience.

At Crowe, smart minds, clients, and ideas are the start of our innovation.

Let’s start a transformation.